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No corkscrews; $9 for 3 liters

Batavia Wine Cellars Capri Classic American Burgundy

From New York State, this red had a very light, tomato-like flavor with a hint of mushrooms. Too soft, too sweet. Serve with blue cheese cheeseburgers.

No corkscrews; $10 for 4 liters

-- B.D.

4 corkscrews: Excellent

3 corkscrews: Very Good

2 corkscrews: Good

1 corkscrew: Fair

(No corkscrews): Poor

Sources: These wines may or may not be in stock at your local store; inquire first. At least one of these wines was found at these stores: Binny's Beverage Depot stores, Sam's Wines & Spirits, WineStyles in Woodridge, DiCarlo Fine Wine & Spirits in Mundelein, Famous Liquors and Wine Discount Center of Forest Park. Prices may vary from store to store. Prices are rounded off.
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