Can you name this food?

Today's produce aisle is filled with amazing things. Test your food smarts with this quiz.

--Tribune reporters Judy Hevrdejs, Bill Hageman, Bill Daley and Barbara Mahany contributed to this quiz.

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  • 1. Ancient Greeks knew it as "the fruit of the gods."

    • A. Kiwi

    • B. Tamarind

    • C. Persimmon

    • D. Cranberry

  • 2. A colorful vegetable that's related to the beet.

    • A. Swiss chard

    • B. Kale

    • C. Rhubarb

    • D. Bok choy

  • 3. It's not a lumpy, bumpy, frumpy unripe Bartlett pear.

    • A. Guava

    • B. Green bell pepper

    • C. Green tomato

    • D. Mirliton/chayote

  • 4. It looks like a super-plump sorta-fuzzy beige pea pod -- or a super size edamame pod.

    • A. Kiwi

    • B. Tamarind

    • C. Mamey

    • D. Passionfruit

  • 5. This ancient Roman aphrodisiac (what wasn't?) has a peppery bite.

    • A. Arugula

    • B. Basil

    • C. Escarole

    • D. Radicchio

  • 6. According to Jewish tradition, each one of these contains 613 seeds.

    • A. Papaya

    • B. Breadfruit

    • C. Pomegranate

    • D. Dragon fruit

  • 7. Its pearly white color and sideways growth is why the name refers to a mollusk.

    • A. Bracken

    • B. Langsat

    • C. Crab apple

    • D. Oyster mushroom

  • 8. This member of the gooseberry family (hence the papery covering) calls Mexico its home.

    • A. Currant

    • B. Ground cherry

    • C. Tomatillo

    • D. Cherry tomato

  • 9. Firm, crisp, lightly sweet, this food's skin is so delicate vendors often wrap it.

    • A. Asian pear

    • B. Mandarin orange

    • C. Lychee

    • D. Kumquat

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