Season your turkey with Cuban flavors

Season your turkey with Cuban flavors

Give thanks for a turkey seasoned with memories. 

 Scare up some pumpkin soup

Halloween pumpkin soup to please crowd

A velvety soup with smoky roasted poblano and corn highlight the Halloween festivities.  Read more...

Dressed in black

Halloween fare dressed in black

Set an elegant tone come Oct. 31 for a grown-up Halloween dinner with noir-hued dishes.  Read more...

EATINGWELL: Healthy caramel apple needn't be short on taste

Healthy caramel apple that's not short on taste

This healthy caramel apple recipe has just enough caramel to give a nice hit of salty-sweet flavor in each bite for a tasty dessert.  Read more...

Fall pear salad transformed into gooey grilled cheese

Grilled pear, blue cheese sandwich

Sweet, juicy pears play off the salty rich cheese, while the walnuts add texture and their nutty rich flavor.  Read more...

Venice, in small bites

Venice, in small bites

Savor the flavor of the Italian city with cicchetto -- flavorful little bar snacks.  Read more...

Recipes to Savor

Chef Michael Cimarusti brings the heat to baked shellfish

Skip the raw bar: Baking shellfish

As good as raw oysters and clams are, cooked, they take on flavors worth savoring. Here are some tips for preparing and baking oysters and...

Recipe: Mushroom and ham lasagna

Mushroom and ham lasagna

2 hours, plus soaking time for the mushrooms and cooling time for the lasagna. Serves 12

Building a better chicken

Heirloom roast chicken

The flavor of these heirloom birds is so good that a simple preparation works best.

It's fall — time for pork shoulder

It's fall — time for pork shoulder

Pork shoulder proves an economical cut for a crowd. Little coin, lots of time (for brining).

Keep your cool with chilled soup

Corn and tomato soup

Simple chilled soups are a delightful way to serve fresh produce. They should be made ahead so there is plenty of time to properly chill.

Revisit the chopped salad with new twists

Chopped salads

Chopped salad could well be described as a buttoned-down version of a tossed salad. For while the latter can be something of a leafy anarchy...

Making it better than takeout

Shrimp with green chili

A couple of times a month, we give in to powerful shrimp cravings. Our favorite indulgence: Salt-and-pepper shrimp from a local Chinese...

Recipe: Eggs stuffed with caviar

Recipe: Eggs stuffed with caviar

Cue the Black Eyed Peas' hit "Let's Get It Started" and kickoff your holiday party with this devil of a dish. Eggs stuffed with salmon...

Grain salad? Simply grand — really

Grain salads

Confession time here: For years I avoided cooking with whole grains. There was just such a tinge of sacrifice I associated with them. They...

Summer gazpacho

Season's best

July 1 is the feast of San Juan in Spain, a celebration of summer that also traditionally marks the beginning of the gazpacho season.

Warm quinoa salad

Quinoa salad

Get your meal started with a deliciously fresh idea. Warm quinoa salad will have them coming back for seconds.

Got chips?

Got chips?

What's a party without guacamole? And good guacamole starts with a good avocado.

THE KITCHN: How to freeze cookie dough

THE KITCHN: How to freeze cookie dough

Frozen cookie dough in our freezer means warm, gooey, fresh-baked cookies any time we want one.

Recipe: Apple <i>borsellini</i>

Apple borsellini

Use up the last of the fall apples for this Italian pastry.

THE KITCHN: How to make a sexy, silky French buttercream frosting

French buttercream frosting

Egg yolks (and easy precise steps) are the secret to a luscious French frosting. Who needs cake?

In a jam

Peach trifle with ginger, bourbon

Find yourself with a bounty of peaches as summer comes to a close? Here's a quick treat that's a snap to make.

On the Lighter Side

Crunch is king

Pan-fried fish delivers in taste

Crispy-crunchy gets our vote every time. The combo beats out all other textures (yes, even rich and creamy). Perhaps that's why we can't...

Fish dinner is flexible, benefits from citrus twist

Citrus-glazed salmon

At a recent dinner, my culinary guru/friend Jolene Worthington served guests a delicious, perfectly glazed, broiled salmon steak atop...

Add zip to crab cakes

Add zip to crab cakes

What do you do when confronted with a 1-pound can of ready-to-serve claw crab meat sitting in the refrigerator? Admittedly, it's a rare...

Stir-fry prawns

Stir-fry prawns

When time is tight, especially during the holiday, give stir-fry a try. One of my favorite stir-fry secrets is that they need only a...

Stretch it! Three meals from one chicken

Stretch it! Three meals from one chicken

A whole roasted chicken is a supermarket staple that a hungry family of four might wipe out in one dinner. But two people can stretch a 2-...

The golden rule

Leah Eskin: Captain Crunch chicken stew

Rules rule. The dietitian insists: more fiber, less sugar. The food pyramid instructs: more fruit, less butter. Michael Pollan decrees: more...

The joys of Mexican vegetarian dishes

The joys of Mexican vegetarian dishes

My Mexican grandfather used to say that salads were for rabbits. My Mexican father thinks a good steak cures any stomach ailment. And a...

Chopped salad

Chopped salad

This rich ranch-style dressing takes no prisoners when it comes to garlic flavor. Paired with a colorful chopped salad, it makes for a...

Couscous salad

Couscous salad

Vary a couscous salad with chickpeas using any fresh vegetables you like.

Broccoli and roasted garlic soup

Broccoli and roasted garlic soup

Broccoli and roasted garlic soup

Recipe: Fresh tomato soup

Recipe: Fresh tomato soup

Total time: 55 minutes

Herbed biscuits

Herbed breakfast biscuits

Decades ago, our family spent vacations camping in Arkansas. We'd eat out twice: Once for fried catfish and hush puppies and the other...

A boost for PB&J lovers

A boost for PB&J lovers

For strict PB&J constructionists, there are certain unwavering rules. The peanut butter is creamy. The jelly is grape (strawberry in a...

Good focaccia

Good focaccia

We've all been there. You're in a foreign country, or a favorite restaurant here in town, eating something that you just love and wondering,...

Quick Dish

Quick Dish

Panini, those perfectly grilled Italian sandwiches, make a great simple supper. And you don't need a panini press to make them.

Food Column of the Week

Hominy's haunting appeal

Mexican chili

The costume can turn the friendly fearsome. Consider spaghetti: Kind, plain and eager to please. Unless it's huddled in the dark, posing...

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Wine shops can be your best buyer guides

Wine shops can be your best buyer guides

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It's in the dirt

It's in the dirt

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