Sixteenth annual Beaverdam canoe jam

The sixteenth Beaverdam "Canoe Jam" was held Saturday, August 17th at Beaverdam Park. The conditions were perfect for this annual canoe and kayak event. Over two dozen paddlers participated in three race events.

Canoes and kayaks were paddled over 4 and 2 mile courses. The largest classes were the C-2 Adult & Child Recreational Canoe Short Course and the K-1 Sea Kayak Long Course. The 4-person Fun Race was a total riot as teams sprinted around a buoy with each canoe barely containing four paddlers. Competitors received t-shirts and complimentary items supplied by generous local area merchants. Local merchants also supplied door prizes to all participants! Race director, Karla Havens would like to thank all the participants and volunteers and hopes to see them again at next year's races. Special thanks to the Beaverdam Park staff for setting up a large tent to shelter the registration, awards and refreshment areas, and for providing safety on the water during the event.

Special thanks to sponsors: BB&T, Chesapeake Bank, Coastal Design & Construction, Colonial Virginia Bank, EVB, Gloucester Parks, Recreation & Tourism, Mid-Atlantic Resource Consulting, Middle Peninsula Landfill & Recycling Center, Dr. David W. Muffleman, Outdoorsman Triathlon Trust, Sun Trust Bank, Wal-Mart, and W.H.W., Inc.

Beaverdam Canoe Jam Results :

LONG COURSE (4.0 miles)

C-1 Men - Cruiser Canoe

1. 32:43 – Jim Farrington, Hampton, VA

2. 33:38 – Kirk Havens, Plainview, VA

3. 33:40 – Ed Sharp, Fredericksburg, VA

C-1 Men - Recreational Canoe

1. 42:35 – Mike Robinson, Fredericksburg, VA

C-2 Mixed - Recreational Canoe

1. 46:14 – Emily Skeehan & Chris Skeehan, Portsmouth, VA

2. 49:45 – Nichole Knott & Dan Knott, Gloucester, VA

C-2 Adult & Child - Recreational Canoe

1. 1:02:22 – Johan Balthes & Tony Balthes, Stafford, VA

C-2 Men - Recreational Canoe

1. 43:44 – Alex Renaud & Ike Irby, Gloucester Point & Hayes, VA

K-1 Youth Women - Sit-on-Top Kayak

1. 1:01:30 – Meagan Knott, Gloucester, VA