Singer/songwriter Christy Barber to perform at First Baptist Church on Friday


WEST POINT — Christian singer/songwriter Christy Barber, a native of New York, says that "music to me is not about the fame or getting rich. What it has become for me is a way to spread a message of God's love and hope to all people." Christy will be spreading that message of God's love and hope at First Baptist Church in West Point on Friday, October 18, at 7 p.m. as she shares her musical gifts and her testimony.

Christy grew up in Syracuse, NY, with musical parents so she was destined to go into music. She credit performing Amy Grant's "Emmanuel" at a Christmas Eve service at her church at the age of 10 for igniting her passion for singing and performing. Since then she has sung and performed in many choirs and musicals in school and later in college. In addition, she worked as a soloist at Camp of the Woods for four summers and also toured Europe with the Continental Singers. In the summer of 2011 she was signed by Lamon Records at the Gideon Film Festival. She says that being signed "was a dream come true. Having Dave Moody come up to me and offer to sign me as an artist just blew me away."

Christy tells of a time in 2002 when she went through a deep valley that shook her life and faith. But, going through that experience gave her a new relationship with God. She now has a passion for sharing her story and giving hope to those who are hurting or who feel rejected.

Christy, who now resides in Richmond with her husband and two children, credits her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for all her gifts. Please come and hear Christy perform and share her story. Child care will be provided.