Concert producer feared Michael Jackson was dying, she testifies

The Jackson family claims "This Is It" concert promoter AEG negligently hired and supervised Dr. Conrad Murray, who gave the singer a fatal dose of propofol.

Sankey first met Jackson when she danced in the video for his 1987 hit “Smooth Criminal,” in what she called the best job of her 30-year career.

“We got to see Michael’s imagination come to life,” she said. “That was my first time as a dancer, as an artist, that I was completely inspired by his craft and inspired by his attention to every detail. … It was magical to work with him, just absolutely magical and I dream still to this day that I will create on that level of magic that Michael created on. It was like living a dream.”

The Jacksons' attorney showed a clip from the singer's video "Smooth Criminal." Katherine Jackson, sitting in the front row, appeared to dab tears from her eyes with a tissue.


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