Katherine Jackson

A 2005 photo of Michael Jackson and his mother, Katherine Jackson, outside a courthouse in Santa Maria, Calif. (Carlo Allegri / Getty Images / June 1, 2005)

When it came time to leave the hospital, the family matriarch said, her granddaughter turned to her.

“Grandma, where are we going?” she recalled Paris asking. “And I said, ‘You’re going home with Grandma.”

Katherine Jackson now shares guardianship of the three children. Paris, she said, has “had the hardest time” with her father’s death.

“My nephew and I and Paris and her brothers … went everywhere trying to find this special heart, and it was a broken heart,” Katherine Jackson said. “When she got it, she went to the morgue and she hung one heart around her father’s neck.”

Paris kept the other half, her grandmother said.

Paris also kept a pajama shirt of her father’s, Katherine Jackson said, putting it on a pillow on her bed. She hung photos of him in her bedroom, later covering a wall with more pictures.

“I was wondering how could she do that because I didn’t want to see him,” Katherine Jackson said. “Every time I saw him I felt so sad.”

Katherine Jackson acknowledged that Paris had received medical help following her father’s death, including a hospital stint. The girl has said “that she wanted to go where Daddy was,” she testified.

Though her grandsons are more subdued, Katherine Jackson said, they also miss their father. The youngest, Blanket, keeps his hair long -- he “doesn’t want to cut it because that’s the way Michael liked it,” she said.

Katherine Jackson said her son changed after his children were born, describing his songs “more loving, more meaningful.” “It just changed his life,” she said of fatherhood.

Panish showed a video of photos of the children set to a recording of Michael Jackson singing “Speechless,” a song Katherine Jackson said her son wrote in 45 minutes about being a father. The video showed the children laughing, dancing, playing with a puppy.

“Mrs. Jackson, do you miss your son?” Panish asked when the video ended.

“Words can’t explain,” she said.

[For the Record July 19, 2:52 P.M.: An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that Jackson fans had gathered outside Neverland Ranch. They had gathered out the pop singer's rented Holmby Hills home.]


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