Katherine Jackson

Katherine Jackson poses for a portrait in 2011. (Matt Sayles / Associated Press / April 27, 2011)

“I think they were sick of seeing the Jacksons win,” she said.

Panish showed videos and photos of the Jackson 5, featuring a young Michael smiling as he sang and danced with his brothers. The attorney asked Katherine Jackson what type of suits her son wore in one black-and-white photo.

“Homemade suits,” she responded, drawing laughter.

The boys’ careers took off – they singed a record deal with Motown in 1968 -- and Katherine Jackson talked about moving to California with her family. Girls swarmed their home, she said. “I got so tired of it,” she laughed.

Michael didn’t let the fame go to his head, she said. Katherine Jackson told stories earlier in the morning of her son as a child, crying because one of his other brothers was sick. “Michael has always been sensitive and loving,” she said.

Panish showed a photo of Michael as a toddler, smiling at the camera. He asked what it showed.

“It shows him as a sweet little boy to me,” Katherine Jackson said. “My baby.”

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