Sandra Bullock Opens Up About Past Marriage

And it's true. The actress has appeared in only a few films in recent years -- 2011's "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" and this summer's surprise hit "The Heat." She works tirelessly to make sure her son has a normal life and stays a kid for as long as he can, even if that means her leaving the industry.

"I think this business can take the child out of kids so quickly," Bullock said. "I don't want him to have pressures brought on by what I do. I will quit. I will leave. If I see whatever I'm doing affecting him negatively, I will pack up and move to Alaska."

It's the negativity that makes her want to leave.

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"That's what makes me want to step out of this business," Bullock said referring to a tabloid story about an alleged (and untrue) affair that affected her security guard's wife. "When it hurts amazing people I've gotten to know. This is family, you know what I mean?"

The 49-year-old is open to having more kids and signing up for a sequel to "The Heat," but for now she's just "sort of seeing where life goes."

"If all of a sudden someone said, ‘You have five more kids,' I'd be totally OK with it," she said. "I'm having such an amazing time. Whatever comes our way, we handle as a family. It's not just me anymore."

And that's probably why she has ventured out to businesses away from Hollywood. Bullock opened a flower shop/bakery and law-office-turned-bistro in Austin, Texas, where she lives.

"The acting thing is so beyond my control. Acting isn't mine. You're like a tiny piece in this big, corporate mechanism that needs chemistry and divine intervention," she said. "This is mine," she added, referring to her Austin-based businesses.

And that already harsh spotlight is just another reason for her not to be on Twitter.

"I don't want anyone to know where I am."

For now, we can find her and her new cropped haircut on the cover of the mag, which hits newsstands Sept. 24. "Gravity" launches in theaters Oct. 4.


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