Top 10: New 'Jon & Kate' shows

As Jon and Kate Gosselin, stars of 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' and newfound darlings of the gossip press, head for Splitsville, fans are wondering what will become of their TV show. Here are some suggested spinoffs.

Today's Top 10 was written by Mike Holtzclaw. The Daily Top 10 comes out weekdays.


Jon & Kate Litig8

A reality show tracking the divorce settlement.


Jon Plus 4 & Kate Plus 4

The parents divide up the kids and swap every other week.


Jon & Kate Plus the People They Date

Following their re-entry into the singles scene.


Jon & Crate

Packing tips as he gathers his things to leave the house for good.



The kids band together to squeeze Jon and Kate out of the show altogether, and it becomes an examination of the effects of divorce on the lives of small children.


Eight is Enough

'Jon & Kate Plus Eight' is replaced by re-runs of the popular '70s show starring Dick van Patten.


Let's See What Jon and Kate's Neighbors Are Doing Today

The camera crew sneaks around the neighborhood looking for new storylines to satisfy voyeuristic viewers.


Dueling Memoirs

Jon and Kate race to see who can be the first to publish a ghostwritten book giving his or her version of the breakup.


Harold and Kumar Take Jon to White Castle

America's favorite stoners pick Jon up and help him drown his sorrows in greasy fast food burgers.


In Search of a New Story

Reality show focusing on celebrity gossip magazines, online bloggers and paparazzi photographers trying to figure out who to write about now that the Jon and Kate story has reached a conclusion.