Ethel Kennedy isn't one to share, in spite of film about her

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Ethel Kennedy

Ethel Kennedy and her daughter Rory Kennedy. (Terrence Antonio James/Chicago Tribune / October 11, 2012)

Ethel: Maybe.

Q: You kind of laughed it off, and I think that's one instance where your sense of humor comes through in the movie. You also gave a great response to a reporter outside the courthouse after you were accused of horse thievery when you rescued some horses. The reporter asks you what your husband had to say, and you quipped, “I don't think he's going to let me off the property again.”

Ethel: Nina, you are really scary. Why are you reading all this terrible —

Chris and Rory: She watched the movie!

Ethel: Oh. Sorry. (Noticing a gesture from a publicist) — what is she saying, it's over?

Q: Uh, not quite yet. Let's switch gears a little. Sometimes hindsight changes how we view past events. Ethel, did you find that your perspective changed at all as you were revisiting these different periods in your life?

Chris: What did she just ask you? What was that question?

Ethel (long pause): I don't think I'd do it again.

Chris: Your life? (Everybody laughs.)

Q: The impression I get is that you're not one to reminisce.

Ethel: True.

Q: So I would imagine that you haven't told many of these stories. Recounting them for the movie, did it spark a different perspective on anything?

Ethel: No. What happened happened.

Q: Fair enough. Can we talk about the bananas?

Ethel: What bananas?

In the film, one of your children talks about the time you cooked bananas in Vaseline.

Ethel (Looking at Chris): That would be typical of your brothers.

Chris: That was totally fabricated. Did he say she cooked with Vaseline?

He did!

(Long silence).

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