'Peeples' star Craig Robinson's full plate may get even fuller

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Actor Craig Robinson

Actor Craig Robinson (Chris Walker, Chicago Tribune / May 9, 2013)

It's single-camera. "Office"-style, baby! It was turned in yesterday, so now I'm just in the bubble of hope. The way I think it goes is, if they pick it up, I'll be at upfronts (when the network announces its new lineup). NBC's upfronts are May 13, so I'll know at least by midnight on the 12th if they say, "Hey, get on a plane!" So, we'll see.

Q: Looking back at "The Office," do you have a favorite moment?

A: I remember one episode where I was going in for a raise and Michael Scott (Steve Carell) was trying to negotiate with me. So we just sat there staring at each other, and his line is "I'm declining to speak first."

The first few takes were fine. But by the third take he was doing these silly faces, and I did one of those things where I had to look away, trying not to laugh, but you can still see that I'm about to smile. And that's the take they kept.

Movies on trial

A screening of 1998's "A Civil Action" will be followed by a panel discussion featuring some of the city's top lawyers and judges, debating the real-life case that inspired the movie, about families who sued two corporations for dumping toxic waste. Noon Friday at the Music Box Theatre. Go to musicboxtheatre.com.

Outward bound

An overworked father bonds with his adopted teenage son during epic canoe trip in "Waterwalk," which spans from Michigan's Upper Peninsula to St. Louis. Based on the true story of Steven Faulkner and his son Justin (from the memoir of the same name), the story is part-travelogue, part-family drama. It screens Saturday and Sunday at the Siskel Film Center, with post-show discussions led by producer Roger Rapoport. Go to siskelfilmcenter.org.

Ixnay on the wire hangers

For several years the Music Box Theatre has celebrated Mother's Day with one of its more twisted picks: 1981's "Mommie Dearest." Audiences will receive an interactive guide to the movie's most infamous scenes, punctuated by running commentary by the members of Camp Midnight. 2 p.m. Sunday. Go to musicboxtheatre.com.

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