Field Museum birds are in fine feather

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Gidwitz Hall of Birds

Renovated Gidwitz Hall of Birds opens at the Field Museum. (June 25, 2012)

A good museum is constantly revising and reinventing itself. So it is that the Field's newly named Ronald and Christina Gidwitz Hall of Birds reopened Tuesday after an extensive renovation.

This mecca of bird-watching (stuffed-and-mounted division) still features more than 1000 specimens in old-style dioramas. But all the eyeballs have been polished and the feathers dusted.

The signs have been updated, and pedestal-mounted iPads now allow visitors to touch for more information. Sections devoted to ornithological art and to bird-watching, plus an "atmospheric projection" overhead of flocking birds, augment the experience or, perhaps, make you feel a little like Tippi Hedren.

Now open at the Field Museum, 1400 S. Lake Shore Drive; basic admission is $15; 312-992-9410 or

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