New direction for the Field, with a curious blogger leading the way

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Field Museum's Chief Curiosity Correspondent hosts YouTube series devoted to short educational videos about museum research.

"At the Field, it was very thrilling to speak with researchers, and then a couple of days into it, they sat me down in a conference room and asked if I would be willing to relocate," Graslie says.

The museum had been looking for someone with Graslie's skills "for a long time," says Emily Waldren, public relations manager.

The decision to come was not difficult, says Graslie.

"It happened and Emily was basically, like, 'Peace out, Montana," says Aranda, who the Field flies from Montana to shoot video one week per month and pays on a contract basis.

She started in July, and the duo's first "Brain Scoop" made during her Field tenure was scheduled to go up Wednesday, "our big, Welcome-to-the-Field-Museum episode," she says. Find it at

Asked if all of this is a little surprising, she says, "Yeah, all the time. Every moment of every day. I have an office. I'm staring at my dual monitors. At this time last year I was unemployed. I had just gotten my acceptance letter to graduate school.

"I hoped maybe someday to be working in a museum. I never thought it would be the Field Museum."

And in that role, she gets to ask giant lemur experts questions like this one, during the recent video shoot: "Does this have anything to do with Ice Age megafauna, like there's that period where you had ground sloths but they were, you know, 15 feet tall?"

And she gets to have meetings with Field President Richard Lariviere who, she says, just last week asked her, "'What do you want to do after this? What do you want to be when you grow up?' I was very confused by the question. This is what I want to do when I grow up."


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