Lollapalooza's must-see bands: An hour-by-hour guide to 3 days of music

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Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters headline the final night of Lollapalooza.

Lollapalooza: More than 130 bands and artists on eight stages play 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m. Friday-Sunday in Grant Park; all three days sold out.


8 p.m.

Don’t miss

Kid Cudi (9 p.m., Perry’s): Psychedelic soundscapes, introspective funk, lonely-stoner lyrics – this Cleveland MC busts the hip-hop template.

Catch if you can

Foo Fighters (8 p.m., Music Unlimited): Dave Grohl’s a journeyman singer-songwriter who has basically made the same album seven times, but he knows how to rock a park.

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