Letters: Honoring Marian Catholic's marching band

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-- Si Wilson,


Preparation for lifeAs a former Marian band parent (7 years), I was so pleased to see that you "get" the experience of being in the Marian band. The first installment of your story made both my husband and me shed a tear when we read about Lake Park playing for Marian at the state finals.

-- Lynn DeJong,

Lansing, Ill.

Worthy competitorAs an alum of Plymouth-Canton marching band -- one of Marian Catholic's longtime competitors at Grand Nationals -- allow me to express my sincere gratitude for your wonderful article. You perfectly captured the joy and frustration of competing with a nationally recognized group, and Marian Catholic is certainly one of the very best.

-- Robert Dean,

Lexington, Va.

Connecting with MarianMy wife and I are Marian Catholic band parents. We would like to thank you for the time and energy you invested in our children and writing such a wonderful and moving article. Sometimes it is so difficult to get others not connected with Marian Catholic band to understand our experience. Most who read it were moved to tears.

-- Dave and Lori Grybas,


Power of musicThank you for the uplifting story that beautifully covers the commitment, determination and sheer belief of the Marian band and their inspirational band director. Your story made me cry, not from sadness but from pure happiness for their success. The power of the human spirit radiates from the students and Greg Bimm.

-- Katharine Boyda,


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