TV's new 'Talent'

Judges on "America's Got Talent" responded to then 16-year-old singer Bria Kelly with praise. Howie Mandel put it more emphatically. "In my opinion, so far tonight, you, young lady, are the standout." Read the full story here >>

Turning heads & chairs

A loss at ABC's "America's Got Talent" lead to bigger things on NBC's "The Voice." In her blind audition, Kelly sang James Taylor's "Steamroller" and chose Usher to be her superstar coach and mentor. Read the full story here >>

What's next for Bria?

"Bria has the heart," says Usher after her elimination from 'The Voice.' "She came out here and she gave each and every one of you guys an evolution. This is a story that is not finished." Read the full story here >>

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Bria Kelly: Through The Years

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