Lockport's River Weaving art installation a labor of love

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Lustig said no, the water would go down and the conditions would change, and they could finish. Siblik drove back to Iowa.

When Siblik returned, he was towing a small rowboat. He and Lustig collected slate from a quarry and rowed it into the canal and reinstalled the arches, anchoring each with 500 pounds of stone, Lustig said. "As far as I'm concerned, it'll be in place forever."

Or at least through early September.

Oh, one problem remains:

What is this thing exactly?

"Yeah, that's the other question we get a lot of," Lustig said.

Siblik explained it is a meditation on the way that weaving, literally with fabric and figuratively through teamwork, "is an elemental backbone of society." He pointed to the way the arches themselves are woven, and the way the water sort of weaves through the arches.

So far, anecdotally, they've heard from people who think it's a series of carp traps, or Native American art, or an abstract representation of dolphins cleaving water, or random barbed wire strands.

Or some kind of cult object. Looking out on the canal, Lustig said: "I understand why someone might say that. And I have been accused of presenting Wiccan sculptures before. But, please, come on, I'm way more of a 'Star Wars' guy."


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