Patterson applies his thriller template to the young adult genre with a new series about a teenage girl who becomes the prime suspect in her wealthy parents' murder.



By Jeanne RyanDial, 304 pp.: $17.99, for ages 14 and up

A teenage girl joins an anonymous game of dares that is broadcast live online. Paired with a boy and urged to perform riskier dares with higher stakes, she eventually learns her life is on the line.



By Jessica KhouryRazorbill, 372 pp.: $17.99, for ages 12 and up

A young woman, who was created to be a new breed of immortal, escapes from a secret lab deep in the Amazonian rain forest and discovers the truth about her origins.


The Turning

By Francine ProseHarperTeen, 256 pp.: $17.99, for ages 13 and up

A modern retelling of "The Turn of the Screw" for teens, a young man spends the summer on a private island far from civilization and its technological amenities.


Carnival of Souls

By Melissa MarrHarperCollins, 320 pp.: $17.99, for ages 13 and up

Billed as "Game of Thrones" for teens, the new series from the "Wicked Lovely" author follows a boy and girl who are forced into battle for a chance to join the ruling elite.


The Warrior's Heart

By Eric GreitensHoughton Mifflin, 288 pp.: $16.99, for ages 12 and up

In this YA adaptation of "The Heart and the First," Greitens weaves his personal experience as a Navy SEAL with second-person narratives about serving with one of the most elite military outfits in the world.


Stealing Parker

By Miranda KenneallySourcebooks Fire, 256 pp.: $8.99, for ages 13 and up

A troubled teen gets caught up in a student-teacher romance.


The Other Normals

By Ned VizziniBalzer + Bray, 400 pp.: $17.99, for ages 13 and up

A 15-year-old boy obsessed with a role-playing game gets sent by his parents to a summer camp where he's forced to interact with "normal" kids in the real world.