The mischievous Siamese cat who self-identifies as a Chihuahua practices telephone-wire hijinks and other circus tricks, much to the chagrin of his mother. (October)

The Insomniacs

By Karina Wolf and Brothers Hilts
Putnam, 32 pp.: $16.99, for ages 3 and up

When the Imsomniac family moves several time zones away for the mother's new job, everyone has a difficult time falling asleep and tries all kinds of remedies. (August)

Puss in Boots

By Jerry Pinkney
Dial, 40 pp.: $17.99, for ages 4 and up

The multiple Caldecott Honor Medal recipient reimagines the classic fairy tale with good humor and an elaborate French Renaissance back drop. (November)

Hello! Hello!

By Matthew Cordell
Hyperion, 56 pp.: $16.99, for ages 2 and up

A young girl wants to wander outside, but her family is too engaged with their cellphones, computers and televisions, so she braves the outdoors by herself. (October)


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