Picture books might be for kids who can't read, but parents have been known to enjoy them as well.

This Is Not My Hat

By Jon Klassen
Candlewick, 40 pp.: $15.99, for ages 3 and up

A little fish comes into view wearing a blue hat that fits so perfectly, it could arouse the suspicions of an enormous fish, presuming he wakes up. (October)

The Monsters' Monster

By Patrick McDonnell
Little, Brown, 40 pp.: $16.99, for ages 3 and up

When three little monsters bring a bigger monster to life, he isn't at all what they expected. The big monster smiles. He giggles. He's happy, which teaches something about the meaning of kindness. (September)

Big Mean Mike

By Michelle Knudsen and Scott Magoon
Candlewick, 40 pp.: $15.99, for ages 4 and up

Big Mean Mike is the toughest dog in town until a fuzzy little bunny hops into Mike's big bad car. Tough dogs don't hang out with cute bunnies, or so he thinks. (August)


By Nic Bishop
Scholastic, 48 pp.: $17.99, for ages 4 and up

Snakes are shy and fast moving, which makes them picturesque yet difficult to capture on film, according to award-winning author and photographer Nic Bishop, who portrays these elusive and alluring reptiles with amazing detail. (October)

Skippyjon Jones: Cirque de Olé

By Judy Schachner
Dial, 32 pp.: $17.99, for ages 3 and up