Lousy politicians...

The Governor (David Morrissey) (Gene Page/AMC / October 28, 2012)

The Governor: "Never waste a bullet, son."

The Governor: "Go put a merciful end to that young mans days."

Winner: Merle, of course!

What everyone is up to

Rick: Hanging out at the prison, waiting for the cameras to come back, I guess.
Lori: (See above)
Carl: (See above)
Glenn: (See above)
Daryl: (See above)
Carol: (See above)
T-Dog: (See above)
Hershel: (See above)
Maggie: (See above)
Beth: (See above)
Andrea: Getting Stockholm syndrome and getting a crush on her captor.
Michonne: Decapitating her pet zombies and distrusting the Governor. Acting hardened and cold.
The Governor: Brooding while sipping bourbon and peering at his madman's menagerie.
Merle: Saying lots of cool quotes.

Best zombie kill

In honor of the Fall Classic, I'm going to give the award to backwards-baseball-hat guy, who had a pretty sweet Miguel Cabrera swing when he bashed the living heck out of that one zombie's head.

Death count

Zombies: I counted 12, for 102 on the season.

Humans: Nine (the guardsmen) for 12 on the season.

Lingering questions
  • Is Lori's bebo gonna turn into a zombie inside her tummy and rip her apart from the inside out?
  • Why did the helicopter crash? The pilot called it "light turbulence" but could it have been gunfire?
  • Who was that peeping Tom, Dick or Harry watching Carol dissect a zombie corpse?
  • Where are Morgan and Duane?
  • What's in Milton's special tea? Some kind of serum or opiate?
  • What did the Governor whisper to Merle when he first checked on Michonne and Andrea in Woodbury?

A look ahead to next week's episode, "Killer Within"

Michonne finds blood on the army truck, arousing her suspicions, somehow the prison gates bust open, causing mayhem, the Governor talks to Andrea about becoming a resident of Woodbury, and Glen and Maggie shag in the guard tower.