Lousy politicians...

The Governor (David Morrissey) (Gene Page/AMC / October 28, 2012)

3. SOPHIA WAS IN THE BARN! Spoiler alert ... after 103 issues of the comic book ... Sophia was alive and well! Her death in the show has affected all of the characters in meaningful ways.

2. RICK KILLS SHANE. In the comic, Shane brings Rick out to the woods to kill him — and before he can do it CARL shoots Shane in the neck. In the show, when Rick knifes him it's such a dramatic payoff, it's really the moment where Rick emerges as someone who will do whatever has to be done to survive ... even kill his best friend.

1. DARYL FRIGGIN' DIXON. He's not even in the comic, folks.

Quote board

Merle: "Easy does it girl, mine's a whole lot bigger than yours. Now put down your weapons."

Merle: "Now spin around, that's it, a nice little twirl around."

Merle: "Now, how's about a big hug for your old pal Merle?"

Merle: "I guess this old world gets a little smaller toward the end, huh? There ain't so many of us left to share the air, right?"

Merle: "When they found me I was near bled out, starving, thinking to myself a bullet might make a good last meal. Take myself a nice long nap after, wait for Daryl on the other side."

Merle: "There she sits, four walls around her, roof over her head, medicine in her veins, and she wants to know what I want from her...I plucked you and your mute here out of the dirt blondie, saved your asses. How about a thank you?"

Merle: "Who aint had a gun on 'em in the past year, huh?"

Merle: "Hell, I think I'd piss my pants if some stranger come walking up with his mitts in his pockets. That'd be the sun of a bitch you'd really wanna be scared of."

Andrea: "Buzz is a nickname, Governor is a title. There's a difference."

The Governor: "Keep poking the bear and you're bound to get mauled, remember that."

Milton: "Pretty impressive, really, major kudos for ingenuity. Take away their arms so they can't grab you, take away their jaws so they can't bite you, take away their ability to eat, they lose interest in doing so. They're no longer in attack mode, we can be in their presence without threat. They become docile, in a sense."

Milton: "They are starving, they just do it slower than we do."

The Governor: "Survival in the wild is tough sledding. Wake up every morning on the ground wondering if today is the day. Will it be quick and final or slow and without end? Did someone have the good sense to kill my brain or will it come back as one of them?"

The Governor: "Do I strike you as the kind of man who sits pretty? You reap what you sow. We're the seed, now winter has passed, it's time to harvest."

The Governor: "We're going back out there and we're taking back what's ours: civilization. We will rise again, only this time we won't be eating each other."

Michonne: "My sh*t never stopped being together."