Lousy politicians...

The Governor (David Morrissey) (Gene Page/AMC / October 28, 2012)

All this time that Merle hasn't been on The Walking Dead, I've felt like I've been at a party where no one gets any of my jokes and everyone takes everything too serious. I'm like, "when my friend Merle gets here you'll see." And look who just walked through the door!

A secret place...

I like how the Governor has all these secret places hidden around Woodbury: the secret zombie test labratory, his awesome drinking room. I hope in a future episiode he opens some secret door and when he goes inside it is a room with posters of Rachel Hunter and Kathy Ireland on the wall, a skee ball machine, a juke box, a MegaTouch machine with adult games unlocked and set on free play, a snack bar with nachos and a hot dog roller grill, a pony keg of Budweiser, a bean bag chair, and a Sega Genesis with like three shoe boxes full of cartridges.


At the beginning of the episode they flashed back to season one to show the last time we saw Merle. Wasn't it funny how young Rick looked, all fresh faced and clean shaven, wearing his plain white tee shirt?

We'll make great pets

Michonne's pets were so cool! Not only were they functional, tireless and loyal, they also looked really creepy, just standing there, lolling rhythmically, waiting for someone to yank their chain, indicating that it's time to walk again. (I bet they had wicked bad BO though. Maybe Michonne sprayed Ax body spray all over them or put incense sticks from Spencer's Gifts in their pockets.) I wish that Michonne didn't have to slaughter them. But now that they're gone, this might be the perfect opportunity to create a comedic spinoff. The two zombie pets could share an apartment and they'd run into all these hilarious predicaments. The one zombie could try to put on a shirt and it would slide off cause he has no arms, and then he'd look at the camera like "what a country!" and then the other zombie would try to eat a bowl of alphabet soup but it would keep running down his neck because he has no chin! And then he'd look at the camera like "kill me now, please." And the studio audience would laugh uproariously.

Poor choice of company car

The Governor drives up to the little army camp in a Nissan! Now, I'm the proud owner of a beautiful 2006 dark blue Sentra (with spoiler, thanks very much), so I can definitely appreciate his choice of vehicle, but Hyundai — a chief sponsor of the show — is not going to be happy!

That's a neat tea pot

The tea shoots out the bottom into your mug. I would fill it with Diet Mountain Dew.

Funny references to other TV shows

At first when the episode started with that helicopter flying, I was like, 'What show am I watching, Airwolf?' Hah, and then when the copter crashed and dark smoke started billowing up from the woods, I was like, 'What is that, the smoke monster from Lost?' :-)

My Halloween costume was so cool and obscure

I was Freddy. You're probably like "Oh come on, Freddy Cougar isn't obscure." Well I wasn't that Freddy. I was Freddy from Return of the Living Dead. I had the suspenders and the right shirt and everything, it was awesome! So what were you?

In case you missed it

During one of the commercial breaks, they showed "Robert Kirkman's 5 favorite changes from the comic book to the TV series"

Because I'm OCD, I went back and typed it all down here for you to read. Will this make you like me?

5. MORGAN'S WIFE. Showing her in the show was such a powerful and emotional scene that I simply never even considered! I suck!

4. HERD ATTACKING HERSHEL'S FARM. In the comic Hershel put a gun to Rick's head and said, "You guys can't live here!" and Rick gathered everyone up and they left. No barn burning, no thousands of walkers attacking, no leaving Andrea for dead.