'The Walking Dead' recap, episode 302: 'Sick'
T-Dog: Hanging around in the background, making jokes about canned goods.

Hershel: Trying to french kiss Lori when she performed rescue breathing on him, then holding hands with Rick.

Maggie: Advising unconscious Hershel to just give up and die. Sheesh, some life coach...

Beth: Ruining perfectly good Dockers slacks by tearing one leg off. Or maybe they were Haggar. You could have just used a safety pin, Beth.

Andrea: We don't know! Last we saw they were walking off with the pet zombies.

Michonne: (see above)

Best zombie kill

I'm going to go with Carol shoving the pole through that lady's eye, just because of the way she humiliated the zombie afterward by exposing its dirty underpants.

Death count

Zombies: I counted 30, for 90 on the season.

Humans: Three (Big Tiny, Tomas and Andrew)

Lingering questions
    •    Is Lori's bebo gonna turn into a zombie inside her tummy and rip her apart from the inside out?
    •    Who's in the helicopter?
    •    Where are Merle Dixon and Morgan and Duane?    •    Who was lurking in the woods spying on Carol's steamy zombie date? (I think it is either Merle or a scout from Woodberry)

A look ahead to next week's episode, "Walk With Me"

A helicopter crashes, they meet the Governor, they kill some zombies. (I want to take a minute to cry foul on these little look ahead things. Last week they basically did the same preview, and in tonight's episode we didn't see the helicopter, the Governor, or Woodberry. I don't want them to give everything away, but come on…) I do like the title of the episode, it makes me think that Rick is going to say "Walk with me," to someone, and then he's going to take them off and put them down. Or maybe it's referring to the "Twin Peaks" movie...