'The Walking Dead' recap, episode 302: 'Sick'
Rick: "If I so much as even catch a whiff of your scent, I will kill you."

Tomas: "You done jerking each other off?"

Tomas: "You can have a bag of corn, some tuna fish..."

Lori: "I know that I'm a s****y wife and I'm not winning any Mother of the Year awards, ...but I need you to know that not for one second do I think there's malice in your heart, so do whatever you gotta do to keep this crib safe, and do it with a clear conscience."

T-Dog: "They ain't men, they're something else."

Maggie: "Go ahead dad. It's OK, be peaceful. You don't have to fight. If it's time to go it's OK."

Rick: "Stay in a tight formation, no more of that prison riot crap."

Big Tiny: "Look guys, I'm fine, just look at me. I'm not changing into one of those things."

Rick: "Yeah, I get it, I get it. S**t happens."

Oscar: "I ain't never pleaded for my life, and I ain't about to start now. So you do what you gotta do."

Lori: "Yeah, we'll give Carl a safe place to do whatever he does these days."

Winner: Lori

What everyone is up to

Rick: Murdering prisoners, holding hands with Hershel.

Lori: Playing mind games with Rick, smelling the shoulder of her flannel shirt after he touches it.

Carl: Going on secret medical supply missions. Talking back to his mother.

Glenn: Hugging Maggie. Lucky dog!

Daryl: Pointing his crossbow at prisoners, acting tough.

Carol: Molesting a lifeless zombie.