'The Walking Dead' recap, episode 302: 'Sick'
Hah. Wouldn't it have been funny if, when they left Hershel's big, bloody, severed leg sitting in the middle of the cafeteria, it had sprung to life (cause, you know, that's how zombies work) and started kicking all the prisoners in the bottoms like a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest?

Prison violence is funny

We get a bit of good comic relief when the prisoners show off their brawling skills in their first encounter with the zombies. Big Tiny gives one double arm bars, and then Axel starts shivving up its stomach like he's in "Oz" or something, and then Rick and Daryl look over at them in amusement, like "Good grief!"

A missed opportunity for advertising

When Rick is breaking the news to the prisoners that everything is gone, he's like "No phones, no computers..." He could have been like "No phones, no computers, no Palm Pilots, no Dell DJs, no Bluetooth technology..." They really missed out on some good advertising bucks there.

Must be a child of the 80s

When Oscar is describing how strong the bars on the windows of the prison are, he says that "He-Man couldn't get through" them. LOL. Not the Incredible Hulk, or Super Man, but He-Man. Nice.

MMM! Delicious oats and bread crumbs!

When they go into the food storage, there are these two gigantic brown bags labeled "OATS" and "BREAD CRUMBS". Haha, what are they, Hansel and Gretel? Why don't they just eat some hay and wheat while they're at it? What are they, hosses?

The armory

I liked the scene when the prisoners were being outfitted with weapons to clear out Cell Block 4, and they're getting these big crow bars and monkey wrenches and hatchets. They could have gotten some funnier weapons too, though. Like one of those big worn out wooden hammers that the strong man at the circus uses, or some big empty oil drum for Big Tiny to bop zombies over the head with.

Thanks for the tip, Florence Nightingale

When Carol wraps the bandage around Hershel's stump, she goes "These bandages will help prevent infection." Thanks for the briliant insight, Carol.

Did you know?
  • Scott Wilson, the actor who plays Hershel, kept falling asleep during the scenes where he was in a coma. Wouldn't it be funny if he was farting and getting morning wood too?
  • Theo Crane, the actor who played Big Tiny, is a comedian and mixed martial artist from Atlanta. He is listed as 6'8", and 350 pounds.
  • Nick Gomez, the actor who played Tomas, was also in "Young Guns II" and "Dawson's Creek".
(Thanks, Talking Dead!)

Quote board

Daryl: "Who the hell are you?" Tomas: "Who the hell are you?"

Oscar: "Yo man, you got a cell phone or something that we can call our families?"