Winsted Trio Are Brothers, And Survivors, In Arms

Winsted Trio Are Brothers, And Survivors, In Arms

On the morning of his 61st day in Vietnam, Joe Godenzi was in his bunker, reading a letter from boyhood friend Paul Vaccari, when two wide-eyed soldiers rushed into the base camp, yelling, "They're coming! They're coming!"

FBI, State, Hamden Police Investigate Body Found At Scene Of Explosion

HAMDEN — A man's body was discovered at the scene of an explosion off Wintergreen Avenue on Saturday morning, and state police say they are trying to determine if the two are connected.

Insurer Claims That Hi-Tech Thieves Had Inside Help In Record Enfield Heist

In an effort to recover tens of millions in losses, the insurer for pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly is trying to prove that lax control over confidential, computer data by Lilly's security contractor enabled